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21 pics of Lynda Leigh wearing tights without any panties underneath

Pictures from: Lynda Leigh

It’s not often you come across a smoking hot milf like Lynda Leigh often and I mean that quite literally! Just look at the body this mature woman is rocking, no wonder she’s one of the hottest MILFS on BabeStation and Red Light TV.

In this explicit gallery Lynda  is wearing just a pair of tanned tights, nothing else, not even knickers underneath. That’s right you can see her bare shaved pussy through her pantyhose! Lynda is also smoking which I just find so dirty in a good way, like a proper Mummy slut who likes leading younger lads upstairs to the bedroom to teach them a thing or two about how to lick Mum’s pussy the correct way.

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Well just look what treat I had last night, a genuine English MILF from Newcastle of all places. This 33 year old MILF was well up for it, I started chatting & sexting Susan a few days ago because I was drawn to her fetish for hold up stockings, I love a mature women in hold ups, drives me nuts. I posted a photo above of Susan in the exact stockings she wore for me last night. Susan never wears panties by the way and has a beautiful hairy pussy that gets so wet and creamy when she starts rubbing it. I swear I could smell the sex come of this woman! I know that Gwens Cams has some very naughty women listed who will do some very naughty things but Susan is one of  the best on the site by a mile.

Susan has some Dominatrix tendencies and you can see that in her private sex shows, kinky boots, seems stockings, leather and even latex if you so desire but I just preferred her naked with just hold-up stockings and high heels, I liked her best with her legs spread wide, two fingers in her asshole while she rubbed & banged her pussy. I love hairy pussy, not a fan of shaved smooth girls so when Susan first showed me her pussy on web cam and I seen it was a full hairy bush I had a huge smile, so happy, I new that it was going to be a good night for some mutual wanking fun. Added to the excitement was the fact I was having naughty cam2cam and phone sex fun with a real married woman! Yes, if you want a treat guys then have a little sexting, texting, dirty chatting and cam2cam fun with the beautiful mature babe Susan.

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I’m so envious of my son. I always witness him hanging out with hot babes and speaking with amazing girls on the Internet. Since his mom and I got divorced, I’ve had a hard time getting back into the dating world. As well, and I don’t want him to see me with random women. I talked to my son one day and inquired how he meets so many hot young ladies.  Of course he had his own methods, but I figured that I would try to piggy back off of his success.  He advised me that he thought that I should locate mature girls on webcams by going on the Internet and trying to find a site with this alternative.

I was kind of in a state of shock.  I was not that familiar with the Internet and that kind of turned me off of trying that alternative.  I knew that I could find a method that would not involve me making a fool of myself.  I decided to try and go to a club in order to fulfill my wishes.  This proved to be a waste of time as I just felt like I didn’t belong.  I walked around the club and tried to find someone that was my age and that just didn’t happen.  Then, I took my talents to the dance floor.  Let’s just say that my moves were a little bit out dated.  After this embarrassing performance, I ended up accomplishing exactly what I was trying to avoid.  I knew that it was time to go, so I grabbed my coat and caught a cab ride home.In the cab ride, I was trying to figure out my alternatives.  I guess the cab driver could sense the disgust on my face and he inquired what was bothering me.  At this point, I felt like I could talk to anyone, so I opened up to the cab driver.  After hearing my issues, he hinted right back at what my son thought I should do.  I advised him about my apprehension and advised him that I was not familiar with the Internet.  He gave me some pointers which made me feel a little bit more at ease. Continue Reading