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How Fetish Girls on Webcams Made me Feel

A while ago, I have discovered something that totally changed my lifestyle. I was in a relationship for over than two years. Both of us started feeling how something is missing out in our relationship, but we had no idea what. She thought that marriage is going to get it all fixed, but I thought that it would only bring us more troubles. One day, I went to my friend’s bachelor’s party and they hired strippers that will entertain us that night. One girl was dressed up as a cop, the other one was dressed like a sexy nurse and the third one was dressed up in black leather and had a whip in her hands. The moment I saw her, I felt how adrenaline rush was going through my veins. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She gave me and few other guys several commands and I felt like I had to obey it. I looked at her like she was a goddess and I felt that the entire scenery around her made me feel horny.

When I got back home, all I could think off are the things that she made us do. I liked the fact that she was in the command of things and that she was telling us what to do. I listened to her very carefully and I was even afraid of what she might do if I don’t follow the orders. That night, I couldn’t sleep, because I discovered something new that turns me on, so I decided to explore it a bit. I set in front of my computer and typed in the browser:” Fetish girls on webcams.” I wanted to visit some of those fetish websites and see how that is making me feel. I learned that the outfit she was wearing was a part of bondage play, so I wanted to link up with other ladies that were into that fetish. Continue Reading