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Complete the Party At Couples Live on Webcams

My girl and I have recently decided that we want to add another couple to our sex life.  We’ve gotten so used to the same things that we decided that it’s time to add some spice to our intimate adventures.  Our main problem was that we had idea where to find couples live on webcams.  This posed a major problem for us because we can’t just ask anyone to join our sexual endeavors.  Being in the UK, we had no idea where to begin our search.

One night, while we were at a night club, my girl and I were hanging out at the bar.  The music was awesome and everyone was so lively in the club.  Neither one of us had ever seen this place like this before.  Then, the strangest thing happened to us.  We were invited to a swinger’s party.  I don’t know what gave us away, but we were willing to give it a try.  When we arrived at the party, there were a lot of couples ready engage in this amazing event.  I think seeing so many people made my girl a little intimidated.  She pulled me off to the side and told me that she wanted to go.  I had to do something because I wanted to try, but I didn’t want to push my girl away.  One of the ladies walked up to my girl and asked her what was wrong.  I explained to her that this was our first time and that my girl was a little nervous. Continue Reading